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Hospital Security: Protecting Patients and Hospital Personnel
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Hospital security is one of the most important aspects of hospital management. The hospital security ensures that everyone is safe from unlawful harm that usually happens on the streets once they step inside the hospital compound.

The responsibility of hospital security is not limited to the safety of the patients, employees and visitors but also covers areas such as asset protection, customer frontline, information assistance and preliminary investigation on specific cases. Their prime duty, however, will still be the security of the people.

Hospital security covers a wide area of the hospital space for monitoring and surveillance. To accommodate such a large space with so few people to deploy, they use surveillance cameras. These surveillance cameras are placed in strategic spots within the hospital compound. Those placed outside the hospital are activated with night vision to improve its visibility of the hospital surroundings at night.

Security guards are on duty 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Round the clock roving is also conducted to ensure that all floors are secure. The objective is that they be within reach and assistance in cases of emergency. Typical emergencies can include hostilities within the hospital, criminal activities, natural calamities, fire, and even terrorism.

The presence of armed and uniformed security guards is expected to be enough to demand orderliness inside a hospital. There are instances, however, when a uniformed policeman is assigned in cases when a criminal or a VIP is being treated in a hospital. The policeman will be on duty just outside the room of the patient to screen the visitors.

In cases such as natural calamity and fire, there are emergency drills involved that the hospital security observe. On the other hand, in cases of terrorism threats, special drills and precautions are already made part of the priority and repertoire of the hospital security.

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