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Measuring The Best In Health Care Through Hospital Rating
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Hospitals are rated so as to measure their standing in the current standards of health care. Health care standards are measured in a survey covering three general areas: maternity, medical, and surgical. The hospital rating will be based further on a number of dimensions before finally getting the over-all rating of the hospital. These dimensions cover the pre and post-patient health care service rendered, not only by nurses and doctors, but by other hospital employees as well.

The hospital rating will be dependent on the performance of a hospital in each dimension, under a specific area of health care. Initial survey results, however, were found to be influenced by four factors: the health status, gender, age, and education of the patient. To minimize or lessen the bias present in any surveys, the scores that will be gained by hospitals will be adjusted accordingly to consider a mixture of patients.

In the medical and maternity area, the performance of a hospital will mostly be reflected by the number of complaint by patients, which contributes to the overall hospital rating. The manner of health care provided to them will be important in gauging the hospital rating. The manner of performance of a hospital in the surgical area is usually based upon the number of successful bypass surgeries. That is, the number of actual deaths against the number of expected deaths that follows a bypass surgery.

A composite score will then be computed to come up with the overall rating. In a manner that is fair to all hospitals, grading will be represented by the number of stars awarded to a particular hospital. One star to three stars is used for awarding a hospital. If it scored below, within or above the average hospital rating, the hospital must take note of it and aspire on improving its rating.

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