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Types of Hospital Jobs
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many types of hospital jobs that are available to those who have different educational backgrounds. Since hospitals run all day long, multiple shifts are often needed to make sure the hospital can provide enough care to its patients. Maintenance workers are needed to make sure that the hospital continues to have working doors, functional beds, electricity, and other day to day repairs. Many hospitals are old and are in need of repair. Maintenance will help keep the hospital running efficiently. Another hospital job is the cleaning crew. These are the people who keep everything clean. This is another important job because hospitals must remain as sterile as possible at all times.

Other hospital jobs require more education because they are jobs that could affect the care that a person receives while staying at a hospital. Patients could be injured or even die if people are not trained to give them the proper medication, lift them properly, and make sure that they eat nutritious food. Nurses, doctors, and aids are those who care for patients. These hospital jobs can be very stressful and require that people attend college and training sessions in order to perform their job duties. There are many doctors who are on staff at hospitals from surgeons to emergency room physicians.

One of the other hospital jobs that is important in a hospital is the dietary department. This department makes sure that the correct food is going to the right people each day. Since patients are on different diets, it is very easy to confuse different trays and what is needed on each tray. These hospital jobs can also be stressful. It is important to make sure that a patient is getting what they need each day so they will make a full recovery. The dietary department is also responsible for providing snacks and other foods throughout the day.

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